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Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to carry on”“to progress”“to move forward”. It is Qhubeka’s belief that lives can be changed by mobilising people with bicycles. These bicycles open up a new door to education, healthcare and provides economic opportunities to individuals.

At Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, we believe that #BicyclesChangeLives too! Qhubeka is something personal, far more than an afterthought. Qhubeka is the reason why we clip in and ride, as it represents an incentive for us to go out and ride and train. It motivates us to win races. We would like to share this enthusiasm by inviting you to join our mission and fund 5,000 bicycles to less fortunate people.

How Lives can be changed by a bicycle.

  • A person’s carrying capacity is increased 5-fold by riding a bicycle. Yes, 5x!
  • A person riding a bicycle could travel 4 times further in comparison to the same time spent while walking!
  • A person saves a full 3 hours for every 16km they travel.

You can help us to reach our 5,000 bicycle donations goal by donating at  bicycleschangelives.org towards a bicycle.

  • As with many things in cycling, funding bicycles is all about marginal gain. Regardless of your donation, whether it be only a few rands/dollars/euros/etc, or if your company could afford to fun 100 bicycles, it helps, and your donation will make a difference.

When you see us, give the 5-finger salute!

  • Should you have the opportunity to see us in a race, we would love to see a solid 5-finger salute while we ride past. This will stand as a reminder of why we race and will motivate us to give even more! We also hope to give the 5-finger salute many times as we cross the finish line in first place.

Team Dimension Data For Qhubeka

You can share our stories about how #BicyclesChangeLives

  • Speak out about your motivating factors with your friends and family, or on your social media accounts. Furthermore, you can even start your very own fundraising campaign HERE, to help us reach our goals!

Qhubeka uses funds that you helped to raise through #BicyclesChangeLives for the funding of bicycles to recipients in their work-to-earn programmes. People can earn bicycles from their partnership with Qhubeka via activities like, bartering recyclable waste, cultivating indigenous trees, or improving academic performance. A bicycle mechanic is also trained for every community where 500 or more bicycles have been delivered. This fact also creates new employment opportunities.

Qhubeka is a Nguni word which means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Qhubeka (qhubeka.org) is a global non-profit organisation, dedicated to advancing education, health and economic opportunities by providing simple, sustainable transportation with bicycles.

Donate NOW and change lives with Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

Find out more at bicycleschangelives.org.